I don’t know a trainer who isn’t restless around puppy season — For me, that includes kitten season, too.

That what’s-cuter-than-kittens? time of year is upon us again. Are you expecting the pitter-patter of four tiny furry paws in your home? You’re in for a simultaneously adorable, confounding, & sleep deprived rest-of-the-year. So I would be remiss if I didn’t temporarily don my critter-coach cap out of sheer compassion for you: I just wrote the instruction manuals you’ll need for your new family member.

Trust me: I’d be an uber-wealthy chica if had coin for every time I heard, “She didn’t come with a manual!”

I got obsessively busy yesterday, posting 5 new how-to articles:
I braved the eyelid twitches & quicksand of necessary yet non-creative writing for you — and, much to my surprise, I survived. (Good girl! & Woohoo!) You may recognize these posts as my flyers that vets, shelters & some conscientious breeders put in their new-pet packages for over a decade. Now, they’re minty fresh:  reworked & re-imagined, loaded with info & links, and fully printable. Only the best for y’all!

  1. When You Bring a New Puppy Home
  2. Suggested Puppy Supplies
  3. House training 101
  4. When You Bring a New Cat or Kitten Home
  5. Prepare Your Home for a New Feline
  6. Adopt an Adult Cat
Wait, that’s 6 and you said 5, girl!

Yes, I added this classic as a reminder that adult pets need homes, too. Shelters are filled with lovely animals who find themselves there for many reasons. Let’s dispel the myth that they are “broken” & “risky”. Heck, we all have a story. We’re all flawed. (Did I mention obsessive?) And we’re all loveable.

What do you mean you’re not expecting a fur-kid?! Grrrr & hackles up!
Don’t you know that shelters & rescues are brimming with sweet little beings right now? Surely you know that the soul you’ll someday shake your head & swear that you can’t imagine life without is patiently waiting there for you — right? Please don’t tell me I just spent all day yesterday putting these how-to posts together for no reason. Get it together & check yourself. Adopt!!

Too much? My bad. If you can’t adopt, donate.
Give your heart, your brains, your mad skills, your goods, or your coin to the angels who care for critters-in-need. Giving will change your life. Really, it will. You’ll see.

BTW Did you even ask your current pets if they want to share you with someone new?
If you’re lucky & they agreed, you’ll want to learn more from Dr. Lorie Huston’s new, 4-paws-up piece, “Keeping the Peace in a Multi-Cat Household”; Pat Miller’s “How to Teach Your Dog to Get Along in a Multi-Species Household“; and Mardi Richmond’s “Mixed-Aged Dog Packs“. All brilliant ladies with savvy advice — brilliant!

My Rusty prefers the bachelor lifestyle.
He picked two flicks to illustrate how adopting a second pet can go fab — or very, very bad. Enjoy!