I don’t know a trainer who isn’t restless around puppy season — For me, that includes kitten season, too.
That what’s-cuter-than-kittens? time of year is upon us again. Are you expecting the pitter-patter of four tiny furry paws in your home?  You’re in for a simultaneously adorable, confounding, & sleep deprived rest-of-the-year. So I would be remiss if I didn’t temporarily don my critter-coach cap out of sheer compassion for you: I just wrote the instruction manuals you’ll need for your new family member.

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Got the blues? ,
If you can answer yes to any of those questions, then your cat probably can, too.
I have the solution for both of you.

Most of you are cat trainers and don’t realize it.
Does Fluffy come running when you use a can opener?
Does Maxi use his litter box or his scratching post?
Congratulations – you’ve succeeded in teaching your cat a behavior!

Are you thinking about adopting a kitten?
Before you do, consider welcoming an older kitty into your home.
Your local shelter has lots of wonderful cats available for adoption, many of which are adult cats with much to offer you and your family.

Before you bring Kitty home, you need to do some “redecorating”.
Your cat will need a safe indoor haven (usually a room with a door that can be closed), complete with all the comforts & necessities of a cat’s home.
Take this shopping list with you

Congrats on your new feline family member!
Help Kitty adjust to her new surroundings so she feels secure in her new territory and learns your house rules.
Follow these guidelines to make her transition smoother:

Congrats on your new pup!
Puppy is looking to you now for security & guidance. So begin teaching her your household rules as soon as you bring her home. This prevents unwanted behaviors from becoming bad habits to break later.
Follow these guidelines for a great start at raising a well-mannered dog:

Hey, we know you’re busy.
Whether it’s summer activities, back-to-school prep, or hectic holidays — life happens.

You put pet training on the back burner because it’s just one more thing on your overflowing, overwhelming to-do list. You’ll get to it later. Besides, how on Earth could you possibly divide up your attention & time any further?