Intuitive Services

I’m an intuitive advisor and guide. I offer heart-centric psychic medium readings for people and unique animal communication sessions that honor your bonds with your pets. My approach is practical, grounded, loving & empowering.

Life lived authentically is all the sweeter!

Pet Training Services

I’m a science-based pet behavior specialist with 30 years’ experience coaching pet guardians to have the best relationships with their cats & dogs.

I like to make the seemingly impossible simply possible.

Available virtually nationwide.

Hot Off the Press:
My New Book

In my new book, Intuitive Evolution, I share my journey from skeptical pet expert to awakened psychic medium.

I guide you to enhance your intuition to enrich your life.

We’re all intuitive — Available now!

Bonding was never easier!

Get help with your pets’ behavior virtually!
Currently, I’m helping clients virtually with all aspects of adoption prep, behavior problem solving, and training.

Let’s zoom!

Intuitive Evolution

A Pet Expert Awakens as a Psychic Medium

What happens when a biologist and pet behavior consultant starts to have inexplicable, undeniable intuitive experiences? She writes a book about it, of course!

In Intuitive Evolution, I transition from skeptical scientist to professional psychic medium and animal communicator. I share stories and lessons from my awakening, which enriched and even saved my life. I also guide you to grow your own unique intuitive gifts.

Science and soul can and do coexist. Their synergy is a powerful force that benefits all of us. We are all intuitive. Join me on my journey with an open mind, and learn how to embrace your intuition for a richer, sweeter life!

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