My readings are unique.

They are a heart-centric, gentle, positive conversation between us and Spirit. Energy & information flow two ways as we meet. In the process, I encourage your natural intuition to blossom. Each session lasts an hour. One person per session, one session per day.

Before we meet, I sit & open to Spirit.

I channel messages & impressions via writing (psychography). When we talk, I will share those notes with you. You are welcome to ask any questions along the way. During our session, I will remain open to further incoming information. I encourage you to share what the information means to you, as that will likely enrich our session with further intuitive insight and validation. Validation is important for both of us. As an evidential psychic medium, I ask Spirit for details that have meaning to you so that you find confidence & comfort in your messages & guidance.

I am an intuitive, empath, psychic medium.

I draw on my main psychic senses: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance. Information I receive for you may be psychic, mediumistic, or both. I believe that our meeting and the information, in whatever form I receive, are exactly what you need to experience in that moment.

So I encourage you to bring an open mind and heart to your session.

Invite your pet to join if that’s relaxing for you. Our pets help us calm & open our hearts.

Release expectations of what you want.
Trust that you will receive what you need.

Be ready for aha moments!