Can you feel it, too?
It’s the Great Transformation!

We’re evolving rapidly now.
Perhaps you’ve noticed that you are doing things differently?
New patterns, perspectives, or activities?
Opportunities for gratitude?
Ditching old habit loops?

Maybe you cursed covid for forcing your changes.
But have you found, despite the cause for your change,
that you like the new?
Perhaps enough to keep it moving forward?
Would you have even considered the new —
and ditched the old without covid-as-catalyst?

Who will you be in this new year?
How will you continue to evolve?
What will you leave behind?
What new will you embrace?

Set an intention to notice and explore the best path for your Highest Self this year.

Be flexible; keep an open mind.
Surf your transformation.
What wonders might you discover?

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Spirit wants to guide you on your new path.
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